October 8th, 2009

made by ctbn60

8 mistakes that Smallville DIDN'T make!

Today was a mixture of good and bad. The good: A friend sent me a book in the mail with this note "I forgot your birthday was months ago. I'm so sorry!" I didn't remember that she'd forgotten and I'm happy to have the book now, probably even more so than if I received it in July. Surprise non-birthday books are awesome!

The bad: Two colleagues have taken a dislike to each other and it's affecting the atmosphere.

The Smallville: Every SV fan can point out "mistakes" the writers have made, plot-lines and episodes that shouldn't have happened. *cough* S8's Fake!Lex *cough* But sometimes mistakes are caught before they happen, and potentially dreadful plotlines are averted in the nick of time....

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