November 24th, 2009

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Michael stuff

Grey, gloomy day here.

James Marsters gave Michael a shout-out today, as recounted in this blog

"I thought you were a great Lex Luthor," I told Mr. Marsters. He seemed genuinely surprised to hear that: "Oh! Thanks! It was particularly interesting to go back and do Smallville after that," he reflected, referencing his appearance on that show as Brainiac. He parodied a conversation with Michael Rosenbaum, that show's Luthor: "'So, you played my role, eh?'"

Aw! - that Michael is proprietary about Lex. Double "Aw!" that he says "eh"!

Found some Michael at SFX photos I hadn't seen before. Link

Love the face on the guy sitting next to Michael: He's so dreamy!!!! (I feel ya, buddy!)