December 7th, 2009

made by ctbn60

Smallville in 20 pics

THANKS VERY MUCH for my wonderful snowflake gifts! I just finished a grueling 7 day work week & happy snowflakes on my page were a cheering surprise!

Also happy: I left this prompt at the Smallville Kink Meme: Lex rescues a chained-up Clark from Zod. And sue_dreams responded with an awesome & sexy story Here (My dream ending for S9!)

jeannev had a cool idea, and I quote: "a SV hiatus project which would be a picspam, no less then 10 stills, no more then 20, that encompassed SV for you. The idea was to see which unique images everyone would pick, and to see what the show is, or has been, in each unique perspective."

For me, restricting myself to 20 pics and not adding any comments proved to be hardest; Also, considering the show as a whole, and not just looking exclusively at Clex. I tried to make a little visual narrative but not sure how successful this was!

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