February 9th, 2010

made by ctbn60

Michael news; Michael & Tom clip

Juliet Landau will be posting her documentary "Take Flight" on February 25. This is a documentary about Gary Oldman & features an interview with Michael. Juliet is also taking questions about the film tomorrow night on her twitter, 7 - 8pm (Pacific time)!

Michael's film with Kevin Spacey "Reinventing Robert Axle" (formerly titled "Father of Invention") will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival this week or next week. Will Michael go so we can get some red carpet photos?

This is an old clip (2002) but I really love the Tom/Michael interaction. They do cute solo interviews throughout the clip and then are together at 1.45 minute mark. Michael gives Tom a look and Tom actually doubles over laughing: sexiest thing ever! And then at the end, they pretend to be offended by the interviewer and storm off together. Adorable boys ♥