February 21st, 2010

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New projects for SV people; Lacroix returns!

Kristin K. has landed a new CBS pilot "Hitched", a sitcom from the guy who created the "OC" and "Chuck": "A multi-camera comedy about a newlywed couple and their friends, family." Despite the presence of the great Canuck hero Eugene Levy, I'm not sure about this. KK has been great on Chuck, but that's action-comedy not comedy-comedy. I'd rather see her stick to action & genre.

Sam. W. has been cast in a show with a high concept premise: A drama chronicling the lives of five adult quintuplets. Its title? "The Quinn-tuplets."

Michael, meanwhile, continues to march to the beat of his own sexy drum and tweeted that he was shooting a fairy tale short film this weekend with young Star Trek actor Jimmy Bennett. Amusingly, Michael was promptly tweeted by "little Lex", Conor Stanhope, who might be wondering why he didn't get the call for the Jimmy role!

After an absence of almost a year, Lacroix-the-SV-insider is back posting at IMDB. He never gives away big spoilers but there are some interesting tidbits in his latest posts. (WARNING: small spoilers.)

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