March 25th, 2010

made by ctbn60

Michael's troll

Michael McKean has been posting nice tidbits from the SV set on his twitter :)

Michael R. has received lots of nice messages today. But his one dedicated troll remains persistent, resulting in some humourous exchanges with James G.

Troll: oh really? MR's on to better things? like wat? I dont know who is influencing him not to return but its THE WORST DECISION EVER?

James: He signed a 7 year contract and FINISHED it. That's how Hollywood works.What gives you the right to judge other people's lives?

Troll: Ok dude, first of all he DID NOT finish wat he started because LEX LUTHOR never dies in the story he is Clark archnemesis

James: He did make a commitment to the show. FOR 7 YEARS. Nothing more. Then he leaves like George Clooney, Jerry Seinfeld, etc.

Troll: No he didnt because he SHOULD'VE left once the show was TOTALLY finished, in this case, this season. You cant just be a quitter

James: You realize that logic makes you look foolish. So no one is ever allowed to leave any TV show ever?

(That last one made me laugh! And if Michael ever does return to SV, I suspect this troll will be the first to plant big, sloppy twitter-kisses on him! )