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April 4th, 2010 - tasabian — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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April 4th, 2010

Happy birthday, silverscreengal! Michael-squee! [Apr. 4th, 2010|07:16 pm]
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Thanks very much for my beautiful egg-basket, Lovely Anon!!!

The new article about Michael's upcoming show makes me so happy! Thanks to RosenbaumMedia & tariel22 for posting. Here's the Link.

I love this bit:

"When I was on 'Smallville,' it opened up a whole new world," Rosenbaum said. A self-proclaimed nerd, he was able to attend conventions worldwide and found many devout followers.

He said the show is a tribute to fans but also would be self-deprecating, fun, touching, outlandish and dark.

"It shows you how important they are," Rosenbaum said of the fans. In "Saved by Zeros," even after everyone has left these two characters, they still have their devoted fans.

"Science fiction fans are the most loyal fans out there," Rosenbaum said.

Happy birthday, silverscreengal! Clark shows a wide range of emotion on the show - the one common factor? He always looks stunningly beautiful! So here are the "Many Moods of Clark!"

Clark's emotionsCollapse )
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