April 5th, 2010

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Michael photo!

Happy birthday, rivkat!

From Exposay, on April 1, Michael attended the launch for "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction."

One of Michael's friends is teasing him for being afraid in the earthquake! Link Aw! Come here, Michael, I'll comfort you!

Hope all the LJ folks in Cali are OK!
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Naughty Tom?

James Marsters once dropped this tantalizing tidbit about Tom: "Tom's a little dirtier than you might expect, but just as decent as his character, actually."

With that and the story of Tom adding "adult" doodles to Michael's script, I've developed a real kink for naughty!Tom. He looks so innocent, like he eats an apple a day and goes to bed by 10pm! Now, there are tweets from Wondercon (from a poster called airygold). She talked to James and he confirmed Tom has a naughty side! Link

Just had about a 15 conversation with James Marsters. Pinch me. holy shit

We talked Buffy and Smallville. He told me stories about how Tom Welling is a dirty, dirty guy.

He was talking about how he was sexual innuendo king. Said he knew the best dirty jokes.

*imagines a scenario where Tom makes Michael blush* If Luenell could make Michael blush, I bet Tom can get him pink as a cherry blossom!

Me, naughty? But butter wouldn't melt in my mouth!

Thanks, polytikal!