May 31st, 2010

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Michael & Tom cuteness

Boys. ♥ Wonder if Tom has continued his Michael courtship this week with texts and phone calls? According to his twitter, Michael has been busy throwing parties for his visiting grandparents!

Camille Mitchell who played Sheriff Adams was interviewed for an article recently & includes a sweet mention of Tom:
One memory stands out for Mitchell. On a break in shooting on a hot summer day at the Kent farm in Aldergrove, she looked over to see her 12-year-old son Charlie tossing a football with the lead actor who plays the young Superman, Tom Welling.

(Lucky Charlie! That's something to tell the kids at school about!)

Link from tariel22 and dawnyb

Some interesting reminiscences about young Michael from a YT commenter:
Mike Rosenbaum was a quiet dude. He went by "Mike." But he was funny at times, however he was very detached from others, kind of the shy type, and a loner. However I always knew something was different about him, and he stood out from the norm, I don't remember him being popular in school. But he sure is now. He speaks alot publically in interviews about our hometown, Newburgh Indiana, and our High School Castle High though, I still have this strange drawing to go back there as well.

Also. I don't think Micheal ever even had a girl friend all throughout school, and never even went to any dances, or the prom. He's a different person now though.


Aw, baby. *wishes I could turn back time & go to Michael's prom with him*

This vid features a Indiana friend of Michael's calling him up so he can talk to another guy...what's sweet is that Michael is the fanboy rather than the celeb in this scenario! The other guy is a local Indy DJ and he & Michael have a cute conversation about the DJ's radio show, which Michael remembers fondly.