June 9th, 2010

made by ctbn60

Michael gets emotional

Here are my favourite bits from the podcast, in which Michael chats about how he cries easily and loves naked practical jokes and the theatre.

On loving musicals and Broadway
Michael: "My mum always used to take us to musicals, musical theatre, Broadway and stuff. So my Dad would go reluctantly and my brother's an athlete...we'd all be sitting there and if you watched as a movie, you'd pan over and my Dad's like half-asleep, my brother's laughing, my mother and I are hysterical (starts "sobbing") "Omigod, it's BROADWAY!" And then afterwards, my dad's like "What a fairy! What's wrong with you?" as he's holding my brother, walking off for ice cream..."

Aw, honey...that story has a sting in it :(

Behind the cut, Michael cries at the Lost finale (includes vague spoilers)

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