August 22nd, 2010

made by ctbn60

Meeting "Louis"!

Next week is the SFX HobbyStar Convention in Toronto (ie, where I got to meet Michael in 2008.) I'm only planning to go for one day this year but there are good guests, some with SV associations: the always lovely James Marsters, Tahmoh Penikett (cloned for Lex's silver hotpants army!) and just added, Ryan Robbins.

Robbins has done the rounds of all the Canada-filmed shows (SPN, BSG, Caprica) building up his fannish cred. In SV S3, he appeared in "Exile" playing Lex's island hallucination "Louis." It was an interesting performance. Louis is alternately menacing and seductive towards Lex.

Was this bit improvised? I would love to know how Robbins perceived his character's motivation in this moment - I know what I'd be thinking!

If Ryan's signing, I'm going to try & elicit a Michael-story! (Hopefully it will make a nice change for him after several 100 BSG questions.)