January 13th, 2011

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Michael rumours & a great Clex vid!

New Michael-hint from Ausiello (thanks to tariel22 for the link)

If what I’m hearing about the show’s final batch of episodes is true, producers are at the very least cautiously optimistic that the very busy Michael Rosenbaum will be back.

This post came out a few hours after it was announced that Michael's "Breaking In" role was being expanded. That announcement caused a deluge of panicked SV-fan tweets & posts and perhaps the producers wanted to calm things? It seems to me that they would not leak a "hopeful" spoiler unless Michael was more or less confirmed. That would really be yanking fans' chains. By keeping it vague, they preserve the element of surprise.

If Michael is returning, it's not from a burning desire to play Lex again. He's got lots of stuff on the go; he's busy. If he's returning, it's because fans have been asking him. Relentlessly. Most fans are polite about it; a few less so, but it has never stopped. He gets tweeted about it every day.

Tom wants it and it's hard to say "no" to Tom: There was a quote earlier this year indicating that Tom is hands-off when it comes to the scripts. He doesn't need to know the plot arcs in advance; he finds out his plots when the other cast members do & doesn't try & control Clark's plotline. (I wish he'd jump in a bit more, TBH!) The exception, about which Tom has been very vocal, is that he wants Michael back:

What do you want to see from Clark in the final season?
"Clark and Lex. Clark and Lex....I just want to see Lex Luthor again. I want to see Lex. I want to see him come back...I want to see Michael and I want to see Lex Luthor. I want to know how that relationship really turns out. Because that's the big relationship that I believe propelled Clark to become Superman."

I don't have a lot of faith in the writers' ability to recreate the Lex I loved....maybe should place my trust in Tom instead? After all, he's a Clexer too!

And on that note, a fabulous sexy Clex video from jlvsclrk

Watch here!