January 17th, 2011

made by ctbn60

Michael's Business Card; Smallville Spoilers Poll

Michael tweeted that he was editing his short film "Fade into You" with Sandy Solowitz. Sandy posted this on his facebook wall:

With smart phones we never have to remember phone numbers anymore so when I forgot my friend Michael's number, he reached over to his bookcase shelf and gave me this. I just stared at it.... Didn't get it....Then had to admit I had never seen "Smallville" I think I may have Hurt his feelings.

Michael's card

Michael also recently tweeted that he hasn't heard from the SV producers for a while (Is Tom gearing up to jump out of a cake naked for him? PLEASE.) So the return of the authentic Lex may not be in the cards. What will the show do instead? Spoiler poll behind cut.

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