February 12th, 2011

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Michael's Return: The Lexening

It's nice of him to return but man, the fan-pressure was relentless on Thursday. I don't mean the polite fans who say stuff like "I love Lex. Would love to see you back" etc. That's fine. But other people were flat-out attacking him, threatening self-harm...I had to stop reading his twitter feed.

I did love seeing Michael trend for hours last night. And I know he'll do his utmost to give us an amazing Lex. Hope Tom gives him a big "welcome back" hug.

Poll #1680883 Michael's Return: The Lexening!

How'd they get him back? Your conspiracy theories?

Negotiations were already underway but the EW article raised the stakes
Michael didn't want to spend the next 20 years explaining himself to weeping fans
Tom: "When I said I'd do anything to get you back, I meant ANYTHING..."

How should Lex's "surprise" re-appearance be staged?

Jumps out of wedding cake: "Hello, Clark!:
Knocks out Oliver, mid-whine. "Hello, Clark!"
Sues Clark for custody of their love-child, Lucas Grabeel.
Wears Lois-wig and straddles Clark in bed. Clark recognizes him instantly but decides to just go with it.

You know who can say "no" to me? NO ONE. That's right, that's right.

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