February 15th, 2011

made by ctbn60

Michael hints at set photos!

Michael tweeted this:
Happy V-Day to all of us single bastards out there. A few more days til I fly up to Vancouver. Maybe I'll take a few pictures on set for ya.

Do I need to say how awesome a Michael/Tom candid would be? PHWOAR! Make Tom go skating like he promised back in S1!

James G. smacks down the rude tweeters:
Michael doesn't do anything because of fan pressure, not even all the incredible douchebags out there berating him for not going back on the show, and somehow supposing that they understand his reasons or his life. Those people were disgusting to me.

He also ranks Michael as a friend, from one to ten:
Michael is one of my two or three best friends in the world, so he's a 10.

Of course he is!


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