February 17th, 2011

made by ctbn60

RequiemLex, a clone? Happy birthday myfablexy!

Re the return of Lex: This is from the CW press release:
Rosenbaum exited at the end of season seven after Lex confronted Clark (Tom Welling) in the Fortress of Solitude. Years of secrets came to a head as Clark’s former friend finally discovered the truth about Clark’s alien heritage. The rivalry between the two culminated into a final showdown and crumbled, literally, under an icy avalanche as the Fortress fell. Lex’s body was never found. Now, Lex has risen from the ashes to fulfill his place in destiny as Clark Kent’s greatest nemesis.
Is this confirmation that the non-Michael Lex in Requiem WAS a clone? I hope so!

Happy birthday myfablexy! Lex will sing for you while Ian plays piano!