February 24th, 2011

made by ctbn60

Michael round-up

No Michael in Spain :( The Smallville convention that was to feature Michael, Cassidy, Erica & Justin has been canceled. I had hoped to go. I always like to see Michael but this was also going to be the first - and only - convention that was solely for SV & I was curious to see what it would be like, particularly since it was happening the week after the finale.

James G continues to faithfully answer pervy questions about Michael on formspring.

Q: Do you ever tickle Michael Rosenbaum? Which of your friends are most ticklish?

James: Huh? No, I never tickled Michael. Huh? 'Which of my friends are the most ticklish?' What person would know this? This is hilarious.

Who wants to tickle that belly? TOM DOES. (Also me.)

The photographer tweeted that Michael got lost in the airport!
It was funny, Michael hadnt been here since the YVR renovations...so he didnt know his way around the airport as he was so use to it before.

Another photo here