April 28th, 2011

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SV boy news; Breaking In

Happy birthday elandrialore! Hope all your b-day wishes come true.

Michael gets chased by paparazzi - and they want his opinion of white belts!

Tom & Jamie W. were interviewed on a podcast about horses this past Tuesday. The host, Robert Dover, is a friend of theirs. Tom was very sweet, apologizing for getting cut off and politely answering fan questions. Jamie mentioned that Tom hates interviews & I wonder what he thought about this one - the host was relentless on the subject of babies: when will you have them and how many? Intrusive! (Maybe horsefolk have a general interest in breeding?) Also amused that the host had no knowledge in Hellcats - I sense that Tom does very little of the talking in this friendship. Still, it's a good listen. Tom mentioned the Clex scene in the finale: "The scene between Clark and Lex is one of my favorites, for sure." Link

Justin Hartley has a twitter

Michael's latest bromance

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