August 7th, 2011

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Al Gough critiques the SV finale & rejects Michael's voice...

Some quotes from Al (he's promoting his "who asked for it?" revamp of Charlie's Angels.):

"Rosenbaum keeps sending me voice tapes to be the voice of Charlie — seriously. I think [Michael] might be a little young, but we’d love to have any [Smallville alumni] on the show.”

Gough copped to not keeping up on the show, especially during the past year as he groomed ABC’s Angels, so he “thought a lot of [the series finale] was confusing. “It’s hard to wrap up any show that’s gone 10 years, and I think they did the best they could.”

(Some backhanded praise there...)

“The final image was always Clark Kent suiting up [as Superman and flying away — but back in the day there was going to be more of thing with him and Lex (played by Rosenbaum)…. It all came down to the Lex-Clark dynamic.”


So do you think Al & Miles could have pulled off a better finale? I like the idea of more Clex but always suspected that Requiem was their finale idea & that B & K used it for Lana's goodbye instead.

Poll #1767900 Who would have made a better finale?

Who would have produced a better finale?

Al & Miles?
Brian & Kelly?

Al criticizing the SV finale is...

four months too late!

Where is Tom right this minute?

Sunning his naked self on a beach!
Playing golf with his posse of hot boyfriends!
Sending Michael a naughty text message!
Reading a script with a perfect role for him which will delight us all!

And to conclude: Michael hotness from 2008, via a fan on his facebook page. Photo: Lynn C. Source