November 2nd, 2011

made by ctbn60

Michael in Father of Invention, Holy Takedown

The director of Father of Invention gave an interview that mentions Michael and their upcoming film as well:

Are you a comic book fan at all? That Michael Rosenbaum vs. Kevin Spacey scene is a “Battle of the Lex Luthors!

That is funny. We joked about the Lex vs. Lex dynamic a few times the day we shot that scene. I was a comic book guy when I was a kid. Loved anything. Justice League. Spacey and Rosenbaum are hilarious in that scene. It’s some of my favorite stuff in the movie. And was good to get to know Michael Rosenbaum who I think is crazy-talented and about to really pop. We are now collaborating on a new Indie comedy called Holy Takedown! Kind of a Napoleon Dynamite-type movie set in the world of Catholic high school wrestling. Great script. Really excited about it.


RosenbaumMediaUS has made 'caps for Father of Invention - directors really love to put him in tank tops, don't they? (Not complaining!)