December 30th, 2011

made by ctbn60

Clex gifts & Michael-love!

I have to work all day tomorrow but am looking forward to Jan 1 & 2 off for finishing my clexmas fic and reading the ones that have been posted!

For my Clexmas gift, I received an amazing Clex-vid set to one of my favourite songs, Handle with Care by the Travelling Wilburys! watch!

ctbn60 made beautiful cover art and illustrations for my Clexmas entry from last year, Simpler Times. Loved that she included Vandal Savage in the cover!

Rob La Belle who played Prof. Walden in S2 recently threw Michael some love in an interview!
“Smallville was great fun and I worked with a wonderful group of people,” recalls LaBelle. “Most of my scenes were with Michael Rosenbaum [Lex Luthor], who is a real dynamo as well as extremely sharp and on top of things. Michael is a very collaborative actor, but at the same time he kind of wants to inject, not his vision of things, but rather wants to help make sure that as a guest-star you’re up to speed on what’s happening on the show. By that I mean when you come in as a guest-star on a TV series it’s sometimes tough because of everything that has already been established. Michael is someone who looks out for you in that regard. He’s really a team player and makes the creative process more dynamic, which is a dream come true for an actor.


Happy New Year's Eve!