July 9th, 2012

made by ctbn60

Birthday Thanks! Smallville Con Chat & Tom-love! Michael geeks out!

Thanks very much to everyone who left a birthday comment or sent a tweet or an LJ message. It was lovely. I'm minding this birthday a bit (though trying not to...age is just a number, right? Right?) & your messages were very cheering. Big thanks to digitalwave & jeannev for the profile Pretties & dawnybee for my favourite boys! twinsarein - thank you so much!!! that was a wonderful surprise. ♥♥♥

My main birthday event happens in a week & a half when I go camping/biking. I did go out for a nice dinner last night and this weekend was also Polaris Con! Behind the cut: Wil Wheaton; more Michael-pics; Neil Grayson & Aaron Douglas chat about Smallville....

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