October 28th, 2012

made by ctbn60

Hallowe'en Michael: Trick or Treat!

Still flu-ridden but at least had today off. The cats haven't wanted to leave their baskets all day, it's so rainy & miserable!

From ctbn60: In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door.' Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and...well, you know the drill. Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (pics of fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, graphics, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc.) The more "houses" to visit the more fun it'll be, so go ahead, open your journal and help spread the fun.

Michael always gets excited for Hallowe'en!

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