October 29th, 2012

made by ctbn60

RPS Fic: Tom Takes Charge

There was a SPN Con this weekend. I've been enjoying tweets from redteekal, like this one from the Misha panel, which describes a wrestling match(!) between Misha, Jared and Jensen: the J2M wrestling in hotel room totally true. Happened in TO misha and jpad ended up with a fractured rib each. JA with rugburn. I assumed this was a Misha-joke but JA & JP later confirmed that yes, they do wrestle in hotel rooms on a regular basis and call it "fight training." Ahem.

It inspired this short ficlet. Of course, Michael & Tom found their way into the story....

Characters: Tom, Michael, Jensen, Jared
Warning: RPS is definitely not to everyone's taste! If it's not your thing, please skip this one :)
Disclaimer: No real people and not a word of truth in it!
Summary: Don't get between Tom and his golf!

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