December 25th, 2012

Michael at an unfestive party

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays all! I'm on my parents' slow, elderly computer which doesn't like to load LJ so will have to catch up on this week's posts properly when I'm home again.

Thanks for the lovely snowmen, complicat & gyri!

I've been knocked on my butt by flu, which means no skiing. It's annoying because it's a perfect snow-year - my parents' street couldn't look more prettied up by winter if it was art-directed!

Someone on twitter posted this photo, which may be my favourite for 2012, for just summing up perfectly every dull holiday party that's ever existed. The two guys to the centre left look content - one guy happy with his grill. But the guys on each end have "they won't let me LEAVE" expressions on and then there's Michael, surreptiously checking his phone. It could only be better if they were all wearing Santa Hats, with the exact same expressions on. The chair circle is also amusing to me.

Hope everyone is having a happy & relaxing day!