January 15th, 2013

Lost Interview with Michael resurfaces!

It's an interview with Michael from 2004 that was never posted and can be read Here!

On Clex

VOICES FROM KRYPTON: One of the things I’ve found frustrating is that Lex and Clark are supposed to be best friends – why don’t they go to the circus or hiking together? Do something.

ROSENBAUM: Yeah, why don’t they go on a trip? A lot of the fans would like something like that.

VOICES FROM KRYPTON: All we’re getting are those little moments, not those scenes where you get to see them really bond.

ROSENBAUM: How about Magic Mountain or we go and take the Superman ride at Six Flags?

VOICES FROM KRYPTON: Now you’re being sarcastic [both laugh].

ROSENBAUM: I’m laying it on you pretty thick, Ed. To tell you the truth, I’ve thought about that, too. They’re best friends and all they do really is give each other advice and talk to each other when they have to or when something’s up. Yeah, why don’t they sit around and drink a few beers? You know what? I’m actually going to ask Al and Miles about that.

VOICES FROM KRYPTON: It’s just that the fall will ultimately be more powerful if you get the sense of a genuine friendship there.

ROSENBAUM: We could jump on the Luthor jet and fly over to Metropolis or have dinner and just hang out. You know, there are those fans who want Clark and Lex to get together. It kind of makes me laugh, but if we went out to dinner or on a trip, they would just eat that up and it would give them plenty to talk about.

On teasing John Glover
Michael: "There have been times when we’re super close-up – actually I just approved a gag reel where there’s this close up in which he’s talking to me very intensely and I pretend that I’m going to kiss him and we all laugh. He just responds, “Michael, damn it!”

(Such a wicked little tease.)