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May 19th, 2013

Michael on Tom & at computer! [May. 19th, 2013|07:38 pm]
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Michael gave Tom a few shout-outs at the recent Supanova Convention. He was asked about favourite seasons of SV & cited S3 as his favourite. He's talked before how he was having a hard time during the filming of Shattered & Asylum - with insomnia, with break-ins happening in his neighbourhood - and how that fueled his portrayal of Lex. This is the first time he's mentioned Tom "talking him down."

Michael: “Season 3 was such an intense season. And someone was breaking into my car, and the alarm going off…I went crazy. I took the closet rod and went “RAAAA!” I felt like “No one’s messing with me. I’m Lex Luthor!” And then Tom’s like “You’re not Lex Luthor. You don’t have any of his money. You don’t have his intelligence. Stop. This is actually the antithesis of Lex. You’re an idiot. Stop.”

(I hope while this conversation was happening, Michael was wrapped snugly in Tom's BigStrongArms!)

Cutest Michael-pic of the week - he takes over the principal's desk at his old high school. ARMS!
 photo BKhQhF8CYAEEs6hjpglarge_zps17cf417a.jpg
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