June 2nd, 2013

"Woo" girls & Michael steals candy

There is a woman who lives, or visits, the house next door, who says "Woo!" a lot. Not a soft "woo!" or a regular speaking voice "woo" but a piercing, resonant "WOOOOOO!" that easily penetrates into other people's walls. There were a number of "WOOOO"s last night and then, to my relief, a rain storm put a stop to it.

This happened last week and prompted a small "WOO!" from me. Michael doesn't respond to fans on twitter, which I think is probably very sensible, but this still put a big smile on my face. LINK

I rewatched The Avengers this weekend. My favourite scene is still Bruce chatting with Harry Dean Stanton's security guard.

Precious comics Clex via TrekIntoDarkness. Aw, he lifts Lex right up...Lex's feet dangling!
 photo tumblr_mnjydf0JjP1qcdcamo4_500_zps8d8db0f0.jpg

Michael enjoys pinata candy. (via Stacyolo)
 photo Mr1_zps452db70b.jpg