September 15th, 2013

Autumn blues; Michael socializes; Tom's undies

Autumn always used to be my favourite time of year but lately it's become a stressful time for work and I'm also paranoid about getting sick and then having to go to work sick. Am trying to look at the positive side - working hard now, means you will get to have time off six months from now - but am still a little preemptively grumpy.

In SV news, Michael exchanged tweets with Sarah Carter, who played Alicia on SV! Link (I always wished Lex & Alicia could have met & battled for Clark's affections!)

He also went to the movies: Michael at Insidious 2!

I've been watching SV panel vids from DCon, looking for Tom & Michael bits. Now, with bonus John & Julian flirting!

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