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Meeting Aaron Ashmore; Michael links [Mar. 11th, 2012|07:23 pm]
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I wasn't planning to attend TOComicon this weekend but on Friday, Aaron A. was announced for a Sunday appearance. I had other plans today but always like to try & see SV alumni. So I decided to try & get to the Con first & hope AA put in an early appearance. He did and was very nice: well worth the running around!

The Con seems to have been a bit more ambitious in terms of guests and scheduling this year. The first person I saw was Tia Carrere, being interviewed while fanboys took her photo.

I was hoping to get in & out in an hour so I went straight for Aaron. He had a nice crowd. From what I could hear, there were fans of all his shows in attendance: SV, Warehouse 13, Lost Girl.

Aaron admired my Supes sweater. (Lots of Supes-wear in attendance!) He's wearing his hair very short & it suits him. My standard Con practice is to bring along a few SV 'caps & see if it prompts a recollection. I wanted a Clark/Jimmy & a Jimmy/Lex but couldn't find any 'caps with AA & MR side by side. So I went with two 'caps from Apocalypse instead. (All 'caps are made by Home of The Nutty.)

I said I liked that he got to play the comics-classic version of Jimmy in this ep, complete with bow-tie. AA: "It was a good one." It was unusual for Clark to get hands-on with Jimmy as he is here. Aaron: "Jimmy was being smarmy in that scene so Clark had to!" (AA is evidently a Clark-girl!) He said the grabbing sequence was carefully blocked out by he & Tom & he didn't get hurt.

I mentioned that he got to play several incarnations of Jimmy, including 1940's anti-hero in "Noir". Aaron lit up and said "Noir" was his favourite episode of the show, just great fun to do. Now, by chance, I had brought along a few extra 'caps and a "Noir" 'cap was one of them. So I pulled it out of my purse & said "then you should have this!" (In retrospect, this seems a little bonkers & I hope he didn't think I walk around with a full SV gallery on my person!) Aaron: "Wow! Look at us! Look at those two handsome guys!" Indeed.

He signed another Apocalypse 'cap...this might be my favourite shot of AA & Tom.

My covert photo of Aaron came out sadly blurry...

...but photo of Horse-Head guy came out crystal clear! (No idea who he's portraying....anyone know?)

Michael has been a busy boy - today was the first day of filming "Old Days" in his old hometown in Indiana. He's also been regularly posting vids; hope he keeps that habit up!

Michael drives along river, sings

A sleepy start to filming

tariel22 and ctbn60 posted links to a new Michael interview last week - thanks for that! I liked this bit; it really explains why he's so driven to get this film made and has been pushing for it for 10 years:

"He didn't audition for a school play, however, until he was a senior, and then only under pressure from his drama teacher. When got the role of Vince Fontaine, "the crazy deejay," he was terrified. After the director coaxed him out from hiding behind the props, "I finally got the nerve to be seen on stage," he said.

Rosenbaum remembers hearing laughs from the audience after his lines, but the real payoff came the next day, as he walked down a hallway at Castle High School.

"One of the popular kids said, 'Hey, you were really funny in that play,'" he said. "I can't tell you how that changed my life."

Up until that point, he didn't think anyone noticed him. For one thing, at 16, "I was the shortest kid in my high school," he said. "I lied on my driver's license and said I was 5-1 and 100 pounds, but I was really 4 feet 11 inches and weighed 97 pounds." An 18-month growth spurt brought 30 pounds and elevated him to "6 feet on the dot," he said, but he never felt as accepted at his high school as he did at that moment in the hall.

"I wasn't accepted as me, but I was accepted as a character I was playing," he said. "I thought, this is the first thing in my life that I think is working. I'm going to do more."


Love the photos with the article. Oh, you pretty pretty thing!

Michael & brother Eric.

And the new bromance with Richard Marx continues! RM reacts to Michael's twitter header about having Air Supply play at his 40th birthday...

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2012-03-14 09:38 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the Michael-photo! I hadn't seen it and it's adorable, His first day!

Watching the bromance between MR and RM blossom is one of those things that makes Twitter awesome.
So true...love how a random tweet brought them together & now they're buddies. RM is a lot more droll than I would have thought. He always seemed quite serious!

I don't think you having a few extra pics is unusual at all at a Con, and I'm sure he was thrilled to have that one from his very favorite episode. I hope he continues to do Cons, and shares some SV stories on a panel someday.
He's become quite a genre regular now so a panel would be great! And thanks reassuring me about the screencap - he & Tom do look so glam there!

Another episode I love, again for the dynamic between Clark and Jimmy, is Identity. It has humor and pathos in equal measure, and AA brought both with equal skill. What a waste of his talent it was to make him Chloe's jealous boyfriend instead of Clark's friend and sidekick.
He really had the potential to be Clark's close friend & it was a waste to put him in a boyfriend role when JO is so much more. He & Tom had lovely chemistry together and really, he should have been kept for S9-10, I feel. The fact that he was a little older than canon Jimmy didn't matter to me.

And special thanks for telling him he has a fan in California!
Canadian actors are always chuffed to hear that their Canadian shows are being watched beyond our borders!

I first fell for Aaron when I read his sweet and generous comments about his co-stars (including Tom) in one of the SV companion books. He had this wonderfully positive attitude, and radiated love for the show and his character.
One of the fans up ahead of me thought that Aaron & Shawn were the same person & was praising AA for SV and Xmen....AA was thanking him & correcting him in the gentlest possible way. It was nice that he drew a big line; hopefully this will encourage him to do more Cons. He could be like Chris Heyerdahl at DragonCon - hopping from one show panel to another!

And I don't know who the guy in the horse head is supposed to be, but I found a whole web site of his friends (click on the gallery)
Wow....just WOW!

I hope your 12 hour day, 7 day week cycle ends soon. That's far too much time to be spent at work, away from home, hubby & fandoms!
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