February 2nd, 2014

Long cold winter BLAHS

I've been finding this a hard winter, both in terms of weather and spirits. Work is less busy than it was 2 weeks ago, which is a blessing, but I've got a sinus infection that won't leave me and leads to sleepiness by day and for some reason, extremely vivid nightmares by night. I know neither the weather or the infection will last forever, just gotta put the head down and plough through both.

Further disheartened by the loss of another fantastic talent today. Philip Seymour Hoffman has owned my heart ever since: "How's the peeping, Tommy? Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy!"

At least the snow is making an interesting landscape. Here's a bicycle. Or perhaps a b-icicle?
 photo 1_zpseb56f56a.jpg

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