February 4th, 2014

Happy Birthday tallihensia! Michael talks about Tom.

Happy Birthday tallihensia! Hope you've had a nice day.

Michael has been giving more interviews to promote BITD - there has been Tom talk!

Michael: “I don’t think I kissed Clark, did I?….The pilot, I did. I had to put my lips on his so we just kept laughing. It tickled.”

Michael was asked if he keeps in touch with Tom.

Michael: "We talk here and there…I mean, we’re buds. We love each other. We spent so much time together. We never fought. Well, one time we fought. I was directing an episode and it was stressful and he came on set and goes: "Why aren’t you done with this scene?!” and I go “Shut up, Mr Kubrick! Get off my set!" He goes: "Dude, I’m totally kidding you!” and I’m like “Oh, okay!”

(That's a very cute - and short "fight.")

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