February 8th, 2016

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Tom emerges; Michael shows some skin

Happy Birthdays to tallihensia and mahaliem and fruitbat00!

After nearly 3 months in hospital and 2 hip replacements, my Dad is finally back home. I was at my parents' house for most of last week & am headed back tomorrow. I want to be unreservedly optimistic but it still feels...I guess, precarious is the word. The hip is healing but he's had knee problems on the same leg. Am hoping this resolves as the muscle strengthens and doesn't cause another fall. He's a trooper, my dad, but he's not a young guy. On the plus side, we have been bombarded with follow-up health care, to a bewildering degree. I had to make a spreadsheet to track the 8 (!) different agencies that are involved in dad's follow up care. We're most grateful but it's been a bit like living in an airport.

My parents live 5 hours away which has meant a lot of train travel. I've been waking up not knowing where I am, sometimes panicked that Dad has fallen (when it's just a cat jumping in the next room.)

In a surprise development, Tom has joined facebook & instagram and been doing interviews to promote "The Choice." Look how huge and gorgeous he is!

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I like this quote from the interview: http://www.filmcolossus.com/the-choice/interviews/actor-tom-welling

Chris: "Would you be a good guy or bad guy?"

Tom: "The bad guy you want to root for. That's always fun. It's an actor thing, haha. So many of the best villains in the world seem like cool guys. There are very few people who are trying to be bad or trying to be good. You can look at some of the most villainous characters, whether it's in the superhero genre or any other, they're trying to do something they believe is good. They're trying to make things better, usually just for themselves, but it's always a good challenge for an actor to make an unlikable character likable to an audience. An understanding of where that person's coming from."

He wants to be Lex, the sweetie! I endorse this.

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