July 11th, 2016

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Birthday musings

Rather a subdued birthday for me this year as last week was full of depressing news stories and last week was also crazy hot. On the hottest day, I left a meeting at City Hall and then got stuck in the elevator with 15 other people. The elevator itself wasn't stuck, happily roaming from floor to floor, but never stopping at a floor to open the doors. Throughout this, two guys were animatedly chatting to each other never noticing that the elevator is never reaching the lobby.

Finally, we get to the lobby. I walk down to the train station, then up to my platform. And then I collapse, in the most embarrassingly dramatic, slow motion style possible. The heat + the closeness of the elevator turned my legs rubbery somehow.

But this is the nice part. I fall, drop stuff. Four people instantly stop rushing for the train and come over. South Asian man picks up my transit card. Black woman picks up my purse. White dude stands behind me, offering a hand if I need it. Pregnant Asian lady hovers to see if she can help. None of them speak, they are all just hovering to make sure I'm okay, which I am. I thank them all and then once I'm on my feet, we rush off in our separate directions. It's a very Toronto moment.

Today is the birthday of my Forever Crush, whom age does not wither.

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