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Supernatural Squee! Michael chats with "Desiree"! - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Supernatural Squee! Michael chats with "Desiree"! [May. 18th, 2012|10:16 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Anyone else LOVE the SPN finale? I feel alone in my love for this season & Leviathans!!!

Michael had a little Smallville related chat with Krista Allen, who played Desiree in one my my SV top ten "Heat"!

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2012-05-19 04:28 pm (UTC)
I thoroughly enjoyed SPN this year, except for a couple of duds - it could be fun summer watching!

Hopefully, Michael remembers what she was talking about!
Heh, I'm not sure that he did, at first! It's awlays cute when SV people talk with each other.
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