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Michael's arms, part II - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Michael's arms, part II [May. 21st, 2012|07:10 pm]

Celebs have been chatting with Michael recently: Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter's Neville) tweeted Michael today; we joke about the mancrushes Michael generates but Richard Marx seems to genuinely have got it quite badly & appears determined to sing at MR's birthday party.

Michael also snuggled up with Ryan Hansen at a Lakers' game

James G. just posted this photo of a heated argument over the board game "Mafia". Look at the arms on our boy!

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2012-05-22 11:51 pm (UTC)
I just wonder what it is in Michael that Richard found a kindred spirit. He'll probably perform "Right Here Waiting" for Michael, gazing in his eyes all the while.
Richard has it BAD. When Michael started tweeting about his birthday plans (Survivor or Air Supply?) this happened:

I just want to know how Isiah Mustafa got into the gang? Is Chris too busy with his new wife that they needed a new Chris?
LOL, wonder how Old Chris feels about it? He did go to a Lakers game with MR recently but there were two guys sitting in between them :( Isaiah suddenly popped up in the Old Days cast & they've been inseparable ever since!
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