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Happy birthday, Michael!

Michael has never given a boring interview.....so in honour of the Sexy One's birthday, here's a selection of my favourite Michael-quotes and some pics to go with them!

His love of karaoke...
"I had a karaoke machine in my trailer awhile. Usually, I sing by myself. Sometimes, I open the door and start singing. Finally, someone opens their door, either Tom Welling or Allison Mack, and they look at me and go, "What are you doing?!" I'm, like, "I'm singing, man, come on!" Every now and then I get Tom to sing with me, or maybe Allison...or Steve in wardrobe. We keep it entertaining."

On his many talents...
"I can breakdance, I can backspin, I can disco, all my black friends look at me and go, man! I’m part black, part Jewish, I got it all going on."

At the Jules Verne Festival, Michael is asked if he misses having hair....
"Sometimes I envy people with hair....sometimes I pull Tom's hair!" (audience moans appreciatively) "No, not like that!"

On his outgoing personality
"I’ve always been a bit of an extrovert, to say the least, and when I get going I just love to entertain, I love to be the center of attention, it’s just a part of me."

On family
"All my family members, my whole family works. They all work, they all have 9-5 jobs, so when I say, "Hey, we're going to Disney World", they're like, "What? Come on…we're not going to', and I go, "Yeah, we are". And when they get here, their whole demeanor changes. They brighten up, and they just let go a little bit. My uncle's laughing, everybody's laughing, going on all the rides, having good meals, and just living it up. So it's a treat for us as a family. It's a nice thing to do. I work a lot, I film Smallville in Vancouver, and I'm up there 10 months a year, back and forth from there to LA, and so my family's thousands of miles away - so the first thing I think of, is that one break I have at Christmas, is I'm going to Disney World with the family. We're gonna all be together, we're gonna all laugh, we're gonna all have a good time. It's great."

On the audience reaction to Clex:
"I love it. In fact, if there's a line where I look at Clark and I say [with intense gaze], ''If you need me, I'm there,'' we laugh our asses off. It takes us 10 takes to get it out. Let the audience think what they want to think."

His happy ending for Clex:
"If Clark came out and said, "Listen man, I should have told you this four years ago, but I've got a little secret for you - my name's Kal-El, I'm from a planet called Krypton and I think people are gonna start calling me Superman in a few years, so I just wanna throw that at ya and hope you're cool with it." Lex would be like, "Hey man, sweet! Now we can rule the world and everything will be fine."

On Tom
"Tom and I are pretty tight. We laugh way too much and have a great deal of respect for one another. He works every day but we hang out when we can. He's a great guy."

On his drag roles
"I like dressing in drag. And I guess I must have been pretty good-looking because when I was on the set these guys from other projects would be staring at me and giving me the eye."

On his van
"I have this custom Dodge conversion van with an extended roof. It's such a shag palace. In the back is this couch which turns into a bed when you flick a switch. I've loaded it up with a plasma TV, sound system, DVD and XBox. It's so cool. But I still haven't gotten laid in it. I've had it for over a year and I've made out in it, but that's it. It's going to happen though. It's just a matter of time."

On mustaches
"Sometimes I even wear a fake mustache for fun. Just for fun, you know?"

And finally...
"I got a lot of -- what is it that makes hair grow? Testosterone."

Yeah, baby! Happy Birthday and many thanks for being such a fabulously entertaining individual!

Photo credits: RosenbaumCity, dawnybee, rosenbaummedia, oxoniensis, Devoted, Kryptonsite
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