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Tom & Michael....plus one.

Season 4 of Smallville presented an odd combination: the plot was muddled, which was bad.... but Tom and Michael have never been as frequently shirtless. This was good.

And behold, a third boy was added to the mix. He didn't make the plot any more coherent - but he did add a big dose of Pretty and became good friends with both Tom and Michael....

Jensen and Tom share a Theory on Acting! Jensen: "Tom Welling and I were playing golf this past summer, and we were talking about why we like playing golf and why we like acting. We came up with the fact that, whenever someone yells, “Action!,” it’s the same thing as taking a back swing, in that, at that moment in time, you have a chance to be great. You think, “This could be really cool. This could be really good.”

Jensen and Michael are the same height and weight and shared a stunt man! Somehow, I find this fact extremely HOT!

Jensen happily joined in the Michael/Tom prank wars: "We play jokes on each other. Michael decided to do a take on his coverage that was extremely flamboyant gay man but he didn't catch me off guard. I went ahead and played it straight back at him. I talked to Al and he said that homosexual take will make it to the blooper reel" (Al's a rotten liar! No sign of this footage on the S4 dvds, alas.)


Michael's body double Morris remembers the "Forever" shoot as fun. "Had a great week working on the cliffs with Jensen and Michael" And he snapped a sexy photo of the boys in an off-camera moment!

The jokes kept going even after Jensen had left Smallville. Tom explains: "Supernatural and Smallville actually shoot a block away from each other, and I'm really good friends with Jensen and Jared. Last season, at one point, I actually got off a little bit earlier than they did, and I went down to their set. They weren't there yet, and I knew some of the people on set, because they had worked on Smallville, so I jumped in the backseat of their car, and if you've seen the show, you know they're always driving their car and they're pullin' in to places and getting out of their car. So, I get in the backseat, and they were in a big hurry because they were late getting to set – very unprofessional – and they jumped in the car very quickly 'cause the crew was yelling 'We're already rolling, go, go, go.' And just as they jumped in, I reached over, and I grabbed Jensen, and I pulled him into the backseat, and he didn't know what was going on. He thought it was his stunt double, so he started hittin' me, so I started hittin' him back. And then when he realized who was who, they said 'Action,' so he jumps in the front seat, we tear down this alley, he pulls into this bar and all three of us jumped out, and we all walked into this bar, and as we walked in, the door closed and we heard 'Um ... cut?' They didn't know what was goin' on. So, I made an appearance on Supernatural. I believe I was edited out." Dumb shows! Why do you keep editing out the good stuff, like boys wrestling in the back-seat? *consoles self with shirtless Tom being stroked by Jensen*

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke was asked about Tom's practical joke:
Interviewer: "Jensen, ...he said that ...uhm...Tom Welling had made a guest appearance on the show, but just his arms were in the scene?

Eric Kripke: (laughing) It very well may have been. Those guys hang out! But I wasn’t there. I was...I was down south in Los Angeles. I didn’t recognize Tom’s arms. Jensen pays a lot more attention to Tom’s arm’s, so he would know what they look like, (laughs) but I don’t...”
(Maybe that's because Jensen remembers being held in those big, strong arms!)

In the summer of 2005, Michael and Jensen went to a charity event in Puerto Rico with a group of celebrities so random, they might as well have been drawn out of a hat! Tara Lipinski....Jane Seymour....Matt Dillon.....Kelsey Grammar....one of the Kennedys. The result was some great pictures!
Wet boys:

Dry boys:

Boys on a plane!

Rosenbaum touching himself...(no, Jensen's not in this pic but it's ROSENBAUM TOUCHING HIMSELF!)

Jensen has maintained his friendship with Tom too, with frequent trips to the golf course: "We don't have a lot of leisure time, but I do play golf with Tom and see Michael Rosenbaum every now and then." He often mentions Tom in interviews; in an Australian interview this spring, he demonstrated his "Tom-face"! ('cap by stir_of_echoes):

At the 2006 CW launch party, Tom did an intro with the Supernatural boys. Jensen teasingly called him "Tommy Tights!"

Michael, surrounded by his lovely co-stars, is keeping an intent eye on Tom's end of the stage. Feeling a little left out, perhaps?

No! No jealousy here. Michael: "Jared and Jensen are great guys. Real nice southern guys. I knew Jensen before he came and played in "Smallville". We do go out together sometimes, namely to a place called Gotham in Vancouver, if you can believe it! But I don't see them a lot because of work. Actually the more I see them, it's at the gym. These guys exercise way too much! I'll be there and I'll say 'hey long time no see' and they will be going: 'hey you don't come around to the gym enough'. When Jensen got the part in Supernatural we were all really happy for him but I warned him that the holiday was over 'cause on Smallville he wasn't there much. And I know Tom talked to him and offered his congratulations and condolences. He told him he had no idea what he was getting into since the show only has two leads, him and Jared. But they're doing great and we're happy for them." ("We're happy for them" = AWWWW!)
And by the summer of 2005, the Michael and Tom were on their own again - and Jensen had a brand new partner-in-crime! (And I continue to hope for a photo of all four of them, engaged in a group-cuddle!)

Photo credits: taralipinksi.com, Jensenacklesfans.com, jraununlimited Devoted to Smallville, stir_of_echoes, supernaturalcentral.
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