tasabian (tasabian) wrote,

Michael in Australia, Part 2!

He was in Gold Coast this time and there were more smitten men!
 photo mr21_zps43d377c8.jpg

Dude, a little decorum, please!
 photo mr23_zpsbeb8ed22.jpg

Michael meets Superman!

Michael & Darth Maul!

The Con staff & volunteers loved him!

Thumbs Up With Fans!

Partying with fanboys!

This video is not from Australia but fits the mancrush theme: Dude films Michael, happily singing, from behind:

Booty! (Lots more vids from the same guy of Michael playing softball.)

Which is cuter? The koala's daintily crossed paws or Michael's hand on his chest?
 photo koala_zpsacc9546c.jpg

Via Laura....aw.
 photo deer_zps89068325.jpg

I love the expression as he stares at the cool toys...once a fanboy, always a fanboy!
 photo mr24_zps7fb1a8ef.jpg
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