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Happy Birthday rosy5000! Clex-spam

I offered one of my stories, "Allied Cats" for the Clexmas remix challenge, and the result was a wonderful story by josephina_x and adorable art by ctbn60 and jlvsclrk Yay for Kitty Clex! And thank you!!!

Happy Birthday rosy5000! Clark's in a little bit of trouble...

"Where was I this evening. Well. Um. I was with Lex..."
 photo ac8-19_zpsf139d19f.jpg

"I mean, we didn't do anything."
 photo ac9-20_zpsbe48fbb7.jpg

"Well...we might have done something."
 photo ac11-18_zpsce688441.jpg

The reaction.
 photo ac7-19_zpse7da9e03.jpg

"So how much trouble are we in?"
 photo ac1-42_zps5b0cb09d.jpg

"Oh, I'm grounded for the next six months. Street clean-up as penance."
 photo ac5-22_zpsb1704566.jpg

"I'm sorry I got you in so much trouble, Clark."
 photo ac4-26_zps493ce104.jpg

"No, you aren't. And I'm not either. See you tonight?"
 photo ac2-31_zps4e546889.jpg

"I'll be counting the hours."
 photo ac6-19_zpsed9b3845.jpg

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 'caps by acampbell
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