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Chicago Con! Michael, Smallville, Brandon Routh & more

Had a great time in Chicago - excellent fangirl company, gorgeous city and lots of beautiful men to look at! I attended panels with Brandon Routh, Manu Bennett, Will Yun Lee, a solo Michael panel and a Smallville panel with Michael, Allison, James & Aaron!

 photo 26.jpg

Brandon didn't get to talk much at the Superman panel (Neal Adams dominated) but wow, was he great to look at!
 photo 1-2.jpg

He was asked what direction he'd have liked to see a sequel to "Superman Returns" take and he wanted more of the Clark/Lois love story. He believes Clark Kent is the true hero, because he's the incarnation of Superman that people can talk to; they're in awe of Superman, they are themselves with Clark.
 photo 2-4.jpg

Manu Bennett of "the Hobbit", "Spartacus" & "Arrow" was thoughtful and lovely. I didn't know much about him prior to his panel but left a fan. Fanboys kept asking about his martial arts training & Manu explained that his dance training was more important for the work he does now.
 photo 4-2.jpg
Hugging a fan dressed as Naevia from Spartacus.
 photo 5-1.jpg

Will Yun Lee is on H50 & has been in loads of movies, including Wolverine. His panel was short but very funny. His Korean parents didn't accept his career until he was mentioned in a tiny paragraph in a Korean newspaper & his mum still rates his movies this way: "You die?" and "You no smile?" He told a hilarious story about playing Ice T's "adopted ninja son" in a TV movie and having to do a rap about chopsticks.
 photo 6-1.jpg

Michael, as always, raced into his panel and took charge! Instead of fans coming up to the mike, he ran around demanding people ask him questions. One person asked the weirdest thing a fan has done when meeting him. He mentioned being groped but added that most fans are great *comes over to our row*: "Except this group. They're TROUBLE!" Then he insisted we say our Michael-given nicknames into the mike, while I tried to sink back in my seat.
 photo 7-3.jpg

I love watching other fans react to him. Lots of laughs in his panels.
 photo 12.jpg

There was one bad question (not asked by fan in picture, who was sweet.) A different person asked if it was true "Tom. W is a douche like everyone says." Michael defused it: he said Tom was sweet to him, the one quarrel they had in 10 years, they hugged it out. He added that Tom is shy. Before moving onto the next question he said "that was really uncomfortable." The person who asked was young but why would you put Michael on the spot by being rude about his friend & colleague?
 photo 8.jpg

Fan gets a cuddle...
 photo 9.jpg

..and a giggle.
 photo 10.jpg

The Smallville Panel in a rare serious moment!
 photo 20.jpg

Michael & Allison had to share a mike which led to cuteness.
 photo 25.jpg
 photo 31.jpg

Allison: “I worked with the most beautiful cast on television! It was not hard. It wasn’t difficult.”
Michael: “Actually she was talking about Tom. I was the quirky weird guy…”
Allison: “So was I.”
 photo 24.jpg

Michael: "I've got a question. I'd like to know why Aaron is trying to be Lex Luthor today, with his hair. What's going on, buddy?"
Aaron: "You had a massive impact on me, Michael. I didn't want to be embarrassed by it but you brought it up. You've really, really affected me. That performance...and I'm taking a page out of your book."
Michael: "You know what? I'm learning a lot from you too!"
 photo 30.jpg
 photo 27.jpg

Fan to Allison: "Who's the best kisser on the show?"
Aaron:"Say what you must, Allison!"
Allison: "Well, you can't get much better than Jimmy Olsen!"
Michael: "You can...but you haven't tried." *kisses her cheek*
 photo 18.jpg

James to Allison: "You had fun being Brainiac?"
Allison: ""Omigod, such a good time! I got to beat up Tom."
James: "You beat him up?"
Allison: "I picked him up over my head."
James: "He always beat me - I never won a fight with him!"
 photo 17.jpg

Tactless fan: "I didn't watch Smallville because of Tom-"
Michael: "GET OUT!"
Tactless fan to Allison: "You were the smart girl. You weren't like beautiful, gorgeous, long brown hair, really tall..."
James to Allison: "But you are gorgeous."
Michael: "YES SHE IS."
 photo 21.jpg
 photo 22.jpg

Michael talks about crying on his last day on set: "I just started crying, it was really emotional. It was a family for a long time. I think even Tom cries. He always acts tough, like "I'm Tom. I don't need anybody!" That's bullshit. The guy cries more than anybody. He's probably crying right now because he's not here with us! In Chicago!"
 photo 23.jpg
 photo 28.jpg
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