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Tom rules the Red Carpet; Michael holds a baby.

Happy Birthday jess_me - hope it's been a good one.

It's a special occasion to have great new photos of my two favourite boys! Tuxedo Tom stares you down & invites you in...

 photo t2_zpsca491af2.jpg

Tom is in Venice, promoting Parkland. Don't the Vans look great on those enormous footies?
 photo BTQ0ihAIIAEi_3B_zps12c60f53.jpg
Working the shades...
 photo BTQ0ssHIgAAh1uI_zps1b802ce0.jpg
Looks great and he knows it!
 photo t12_zpsa57cd542.jpg
Spread those legs, Tommy. We don't mind.
 photo 1dde1d669a501c0580e18a739df9445e_zps3b30e949.jpg
I couldn't get tickets to the Parkland premiere in Toronto - it sold out in an eye-blink - but am waiting to see if The Pretty will turn up to walk the red carpet.
 photo 7ae40b535ca796094b62ae8cbdc3bc61_zpsf97117cd.jpg
He's reminding me a little of someone here...
 photo BTQqu_5IAAAZT9j_zps928c2edb.jpg
It's Clark Gable! (Minus the big ears.) Do you see it?
 photo ee3189f90e6d53fa1dae24f3fc600eaa_zpsb69ecb73.jpg
Meanwhile Michael...
 photo m2_zps5a8c0cda.jpg
Out with his gal-pals to see Erasure & Howard Jones.
 photo BS9n1YnCMAA4OxO_zps0d88c7b1.jpg
Birthday kiss for a friend's baby. Now pass the baby back to Mom & kiss the hot blond dude!
 photo m1_zps598d4084.jpg
 photo m3_zps38477c99.jpg

Tom pictures from all over but mostly via tariel22; Michael-photos from his instagram & stacyolo on twitter.
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