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My trip to see Tom on the red carpet

Tom's new movie Parkland was playing at the Toronto International Film Fest last night. I wasn't able to get tickets but decided to go down and stake out the red carpet. This would not normally be my sort of thing - I don't mind crowds when they're organized, as at Cons, but am not fond of crowds in general.

But of course, I make exceptions for Michael and...
 photo 1-4.jpg

When I arrived, the crowd was still waiting for Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth to walk the carpet for their movie. I found a place behind some Colin Firth fan-ladies (all in their 50's & 60's) because I assumed they'd leave after Colin did. They were pleasant but there was a professional paparazzi standing with us who I did not like. A teenage girl got very excited for actor Jeremy Irvine (War Horse) and was calling for him to come over. The Pap told her to stop because he wanted a pathway clear for Kidman. Well, the Colin Firth fan ladies were NOT having that and started to shout "Jeremy!" too.

When Firth arrived, he did not walk our section of the carpet & I was astonished how bitter a few people got about that, taking it really personally. "I don't like him now." Really?

I made it to the fence & held my spot for the next 2 hours, as the Tom/Zac Efron fans arrived for Parkland, I liked the teenaged fans better - they were sweet & enthusiastic - and the paparazzi left so that was nice. But was amused how excited they got by anyone walking down the red carpet. When this lady came out, the kid next to me practically burst himself calling for her to come over. "PHOTO! PLEASEEEEEE!" So she came over. Afterwards I asked if he knew who she was. Kid: "No. Who is she?!" (It was Bitsie Tulloch form "Grimm.")
 photo 5-2.jpg

Colin Hanks posed for the professional photographers but didn't walk around. The crowd growled a bit but you figure, someone who grew up with a famous dad has had enough of paps & autograph seekers to last a lifetime.
 photo 2-6.jpg

Tom arrived in the second last limo and walked around for quite a long time. I was impressed with Mr. Reclusive! He looked a little bemused "Really? All this?" but he gave the fans what they wanted. The lighting was terrible & most of my pics were blurry or show the back of his head. But he towered over everyone so was easy to spot.
 photo 4-3.jpg

The crowd was shouting "TOMTOMTOM!" This vid gives a taste of the frenzy. I like the boy who says "We love you!" with such fervour at 2.19. Link Vid via tariel22

This is the best picture I managed. He looked great in that suit.
 photo 6-2.jpg

Once Tom went in, I was ready to go. But I was unable to extricate myself because the next car pulled up and the crowd surged forward "ZACZACZAC!" I thought the fence was going to come down. It wasn't an aggressive crowd - lots of "excuse me" and "I'm sorry" - just a tidal wave of fan excitement. The guards had to run forward to hold up the barricade. The kid next to me burst himself screaming "ZAC!" and got a photo, while Mr. Efron, unknowingly, stepped on my foot.

ZE looks like he has a mohawk in this photo because the crowd behind was pressing on me and literally vibrating with excitement, hence wobbly camera.
 photo 3-4.jpg

I did manage to get free while Zac was still roaming. But the fans behind me were too polite to let me out at first. "Are you sure?" He might come back here." I had to repeat several times I was fine & please go ahead, take my spot, get your best picture. Didn't want to be rude & say I was only there for Tom.

The shrieks were still echoing for the next 3 blocks as I walked to the train.

In conclusion: I would only do a red carpet again for Tom or Michael. Even though the crowd was well-behaved, I wasn't really comfortable in that environment. If the red carpet is like the jungle, Cons are like petting zoos. And Michael is always willing to be petted. (Metaphorically!) I wish Tom would do a Con.

Last weekend, I went canoeing & we kept disturbing this same heron. He'd fly away and land a little ways up the river, we'd paddle up and startle him again. He was pretty & leggy & shy: Tom in bird form.
 photo 8-1.jpg

Ottawa has a collection of bad-ass sculptures. I like sculptures that look like they belong in Dr. Who:
 photo 7-4.jpg
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