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Glover quotes from DragonCon

I have always wanted to see John Glover at a convention and am hoping this will happen in 2014! Until then, a couple of quotes from John about Tom & Michael (and some flirting with Julian Sands!)

 photo jg1.jpg

The panel is asked if the cast received any strange gifts from fans. JG responds by telling this story about Tom:

John: “For a couple of years, before the network said we couldn’t do it any more, we started an auction on Ebay for the Alzheimer’s association and Tom gifted his bicycle, that he had just bought to ride around the set on, to sell off. So that was a gift that Tom gave to somebody else. So that was nice. Tom’s a great guy. He’s a great director too. He started directing episodes. Just…he got it. His mind clicked like that.”

Aw! He was also asked about the body-swap episode “Transference”:

John: “It was the most challenging episode for me. Tom could do me, he was funny, he was terrific. I had such trouble being heroic, being strong, solid and kind of simple about it…”

Fan: “I thought you were phenomenal.”

John: “I guess I fooled you then! They kept saying “No John, you’re doing too much. Stop. Don’t do anything. I couldn’t figure it out.”

Fan: “You were brilliant!”

John: "Thank you. I’m glad you’re here today. I’ve been carrying that around with me for six years. I feel much better now!"
 photo transferencews_284.jpg
 photo transferencews_289.jpg

A fan mentions Michael's skill at impressions, including impersonating John, and asks if the panel can do impressions.

John: "Not like Michael! He's a genius. He can do Chris Walken...he does a great Kevin Spacey. I'm honoured that he does me."

Crowd: *giggles*

John: "But I would never do him."

Crowd: *roars*

John: "Oh my!"

(He did that on purpose! Love those naughty Luthors.)
 photo ac40.jpg

Julian Sands (Jor El) comments that he has a collection of women's underwear that he's been sent by fans over the years and isn't sure what he's supposed to do. Model them?

John: "You should do a calendar!"

Julian: "We could do it together, John!"

Oh my, indeed! I might have a new 'ship...
 photo jg2.jpg
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