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Autumn blues; Michael socializes; Tom's undies

Autumn always used to be my favourite time of year but lately it's become a stressful time for work and I'm also paranoid about getting sick and then having to go to work sick. Am trying to look at the positive side - working hard now, means you will get to have time off six months from now - but am still a little preemptively grumpy.

In SV news, Michael exchanged tweets with Sarah Carter, who played Alicia on SV! Link (I always wished Lex & Alicia could have met & battled for Clark's affections!)

He also went to the movies: Michael at Insidious 2!

I've been watching SV panel vids from DCon, looking for Tom & Michael bits. Now, with bonus John & Julian flirting!

Fan: “Last year, Rosenbaum and Laura, you guys talked about some scenes you had with Tom where he was not wearing any pants. Any others experience that?”

Allison: “Yes.”

John: "No pants at all?!"

Laura: “To put it in context, we were shooting in the loft. All of our family, heartfelt moments - and it would get hot, he’s a big guy. So whenever we’d shoot above the waist, he took his pants off and just had his shorts, his birkenstocks and his socks.”

Allison: "He wore basketball shorts so he wasn’t, like, in tighty-whities!"

John: “He never did that with me!”

Allison: “Superman can’t sweat…if you think about it, he can’t sweat unless he’s got kryptonite around him and that’s hard when you’re filming in a small space that’s up high, and heat rises, and you have massive amounts of lights on you, and you’re six foot four and fit! Try not sweating for four hours in a row. So they had this massive tube of air conditioning that they would bring in and shoot on his legs to try and cool him down so he wouldn’t sweat because if he did, we’d have to start the shoot over and sometimes we’d get a little ridiculous so they learned to put him in the birkenstocks and basketball shorts whenever we weren’t shooting his full body and it kept him cool.”

Julian: “You can’t see, but I assure you John Glover is wearing basketball shorts.”

John: “And that’s all!”


Another sign of autumn: the cats hiding under the bed because the furnace is being cleaned.
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