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Michael & Tom & Michael's dog

Happy Birthdays to uena and to carolandtom! Hope you had a great weekend.

Here's a really sweet story of Tom making a fan's day!

Am still hoping more DragonCon vids will be posted! Apparently JG talked about Michael & I need this footage. However this blogger helpfully fills in some missing panels with some Tom praise and the explanation of how Chloe & Oliver ended up together. link

Michael has been making appropriate use of instagram - to post adorable photos of his dog Irv (and of himself.)
 photo 50406d461e4f11e3ba2d22000a1f97cd_7_zps6ce6a163.jpg

Michael & Kenny Loggins!
 photo 099f83f0229511e3bf5322000a9e17ee_7_zps8360a937.jpg
Irv has the best ears.
 photo d71583961b3a11e3b7e922000aaa0a96_7_zps057ca2e4.jpg
Irv in a pillow fort.
 photo 6f1103f61e8c11e3914122000a9f1439_7_zps1f588afe.jpg
Baby!Michael taking a nap on the set of Urban Legend! So cute.
 photo bdf391781b0311e39cc922000ae81e4d_7_zpsa844c5a9.jpg

All photo credit: MR

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