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Michael & Tom & Michael's dog [Sep. 22nd, 2013|08:03 pm]
Happy Birthdays to uena and to carolandtom! Hope you had a great weekend.

Here's a really sweet story of Tom making a fan's day!

Am still hoping more DragonCon vids will be posted! Apparently JG talked about Michael & I need this footage. However this blogger helpfully fills in some missing panels with some Tom praise and the explanation of how Chloe & Oliver ended up together. link

Michael has been making appropriate use of instagram - to post adorable photos of his dog Irv (and of himself.)
 photo 50406d461e4f11e3ba2d22000a1f97cd_7_zps6ce6a163.jpg

Michael & Kenny Loggins!
 photo 099f83f0229511e3bf5322000a9e17ee_7_zps8360a937.jpg
Irv has the best ears.
 photo d71583961b3a11e3b7e922000aaa0a96_7_zps057ca2e4.jpg
Irv in a pillow fort.
 photo 6f1103f61e8c11e3914122000a9f1439_7_zps1f588afe.jpg
Baby!Michael taking a nap on the set of Urban Legend! So cute.
 photo bdf391781b0311e39cc922000ae81e4d_7_zpsa844c5a9.jpg

All photo credit: MR

[User Picture]From: silverscreengal
2013-09-24 02:59 am (UTC)
Isn't Tom the sweetest thing in the WORLD!???

And what is your beloved Michael up to these days? (Besides always being the life of the party) Working?

Do you ever wonder now that Tom appears to be single again and Michael and he both live in LA if they ever get together for coffee? Dinner? A blow job?

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[User Picture]From: tasabian
2013-09-25 01:13 am (UTC)
Tom is a sweetheart!

Michael has a new film coming out in 2014, with Morena Baccarin, which he directed "Back in the Day." Excited both my boys have new films!

Would love if Tom & Michael hang out some times!
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[User Picture]From: silverscreengal
2013-09-25 02:53 am (UTC)
Is it an 80's theme?
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[User Picture]From: tasabian
2013-09-26 02:27 am (UTC)
It's set in the present day but Michael's character goes back to his home town for a class reunion so there is nostalgia involved!

 photo 4_zps0e846b88.jpg
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