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Shippers react to Tom's divorce; Michael pics

Happy birthdays to shuteyespy and lexalicious! Hope you've had lovely days.

Tom & Jamie announced their plans to divorce a few days ago. Which is a shame. There'd been speculation about them for a while because they hadn't been photographed together for a year or so. Probably Tom wanted the announcement to come out after his Parkland promotion. Hopefully it is an amicable split. If they lasted ten years, they sure gave it their best shot.

If this split happened while SV was still on, there would be shippers and theories ALL over the place. I got curious & checked twitter and...there's a little tinhatting happening.

It seems to be KK's fate to be ardently shipped with her co-star but at least one KrisTom fan is still waving the flag!
 photo 7_zps3ad8b9fd.jpg

Dude, don't copy the actors in your tweet though! Second-hand embarrassment.
 photo 6_zpse82718f2.jpg

You seem more excited at the prospect than worried, buddy!
 photo 9_zps293b0042.jpg

Who knew the hardest core SV tinhats were all dudes?
 photo 10_zps69d41383.jpg

I can't tell if this post-split announcement tweet is dropping a Chlark hint or just making an observation.
 photo 11_zps184f2634.jpg

This one amuses me on multiple levels because 1) Michael will be so confused by it 2) I envision Jared reading indignantly "I have't lost Jensen, HOW DARE YOU?" and 3) It was retweeted 4 times! Yay, Wellingbaum.
 photo 5_zps85dd543c.jpg

Tom has my total permission to break up Michael & Jon Heder who yes, are holding hands here. Get away from that Idaho hussy, Michael!
 photo mr_zpscb6c0a5a.jpg
That's better! Hanging with Best friend Chris & Richard Marx (who looks a little like Lionel Luthor here!)
 photo 67475892388511e38e2d22000a1fbe71_8_zps0c62d376.jpg
With Isaiah. Also acceptable.
 photo d5e45fa02fdb11e3bfc922000a9e08f9_8_zps4c98c225.jpg
Yeah, I'll even ship these two.
 photo 6a76513c34f511e38b1f22000a9f135b_8_zps39bd1685.jpg
Back with JH again, damnit. Somebody save him! (Tom? Laura?)
 photo BXAlznDCUAA2ayf_zps7edc1f50.jpg
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