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Happy Birthday lapetite_kiki! Clexfic: Re-energizing [Nov. 17th, 2013|07:37 pm]

It's lapetite_kiki 's birthday and her artwork Re-Energizing inspired me to write a Clex story!

Title: Re-Energizing
Pairing: Clex
Summary: Clark and Lex take a vacation.
Warning: Schmoop!

A one word text from Lex: "Midnight."

But it's one o'clock when Clark finally makes it to the penthouse, after 24 hours spent searching out and destroying the Toyman's bombs.

Lex is at the window, watching for him, wearing the long black coat that Clark doesn't like because he thinks it's too super-villainy. Lex looks stern but Clark isn't fooled, and kisses him.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I didn't have a chance to pack."

"I packed for you," says Lex.

"That's a very small bag."

"You won't need clothes," says Lex.

Lex won't tell him where they're going because he's bossy like that. "I’ll direct you."

Clark leaps into the frosty November air, Lex tucked under his cape. They fly in companionable silence, except for the occasional command from Lex: "Veer South." As they fly over the ocean, Lex falls asleep briefly, breathing warm air against Clark's neck but wakes in time to say "Land here."

They are on a huge beach with a single tiny bungalow set back in the woods.

"All ours?" says Clark.

"For the whole weekend," says Lex, and yawns.

They fall into the bungalow's cramped double bed. Clark is asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. He wakes only once in the night and listens to the sweep of the waves and Lex's soft breathing.

He wakes again in the morning because Lex is tickling him with a palm frond. Clark lunges for him, still half asleep, but his aim is poor and Lex is out the door, laughing. Clark pulls on the purple swim trunks neatly folded at the end of the bed – colour carefully chosen by Lex – and gives chase.

Lex is standing at the edge of the water, in red trunks, smirking. When he sees Clark, he runs into the water and dives. Clark catches him before he's under the water and they roll through the waves together. Lex is sleek in Clark's arms and his mouth tastes of papaya.

"You had breakfast without me?"

"There's more on the beach," says Lex and bites Clark's neck. Clark picks Lex up just as Lex decides to push Clark down. Clark lets Lex win and lies in the sand while Lex explores him with hands and mouth and the waves roll over their legs. All these years later, Lex can still drive him to distraction. Clark clenches his fists in the sand as the sun bathes his eyelids and Lex's tongue teases his cock. Clark whimpers, strokes Lex's cheek and Lex smiles under Clark's hand.

There is fresh fruit for breakfast, hot coffee and somehow Lex has managed to supply Clark's favourite apple fritters on a remote island. After Clark has eaten six of everything and Lex has finished his crossword, Lex leans back in Clark's arms.

"So I'm your chair?" says Clark.

"And my shade as well," says Lex. He shifts his head underneath Clark's chin.

I will keep this moment, thinks Clark. Freeze it; section it off. And it will be here when the next inevitable crisis comes: an inviolate memory to hold on to when it seems like everything has gone wrong -

"Deep thoughts," says Lex. "Are not allowed on this beach."

His eyes are still shut. It's usually Clark who nudges Lex to have more fun, let things go. But then Lex sometimes knows what Clark needs before Clark does.

"Noted," says Clark. "Want to go for another swim?"

And they race back into the surf together.


[User Picture]From: tasabian
2013-11-19 03:20 am (UTC)
Thank you!

I love how Lex takes care of Clark just as much as Clark takes care of Lex. :)
Clark needs to be bossed about (lovingly) sometimes!
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