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Michael, Tom & James

James Marsters understands exactly what fans expect from him on a show like Smallville: to play up the homoeroticism onscreen and to make flattering (and borderline flirtatious) remarks about his hot costars.

James succeeded admirably on both fronts and seems to have genuinely clicked with both Tom and Michael! Pic & Quote-spam inside!

James: It’s the most harmonious set I’ve ever worked on. There are no jerks in the pool. I’ve gotten to work most with Tom and that is fabulous. We both have PSPs so we race each other on those and goof around. Then working with Michael Rosenbaum [chuckles], it’s like the circus comes to town, you just want to sit back and watch. On a 15-hour day, to have him come in cracking jokes, it’s better than coffee.

James: I'm ashamed to admit this, but Tom is a lot more intelligent than I was prepared for. It was the same prejudice with people that are that good-looking, which is I have to be smarter than them. It was wonderful to find Tom is smart, well-read and funny. We've had wonderful conversations about acting, politics, and religion. We seem to be cut from the same attitude with regards to celebrity, which is, 'Let's not let that in today. Let's get our shots and go home.

James has a PhD is making things sound naughty!

James: "Boy, I get to mess with Lex Luthor. I remember on Buffy, whenever they wanted a new character to look cool, they would come and beat on Spike. Because if he got one over on Spike, he must be very cool. There were times I was just like, 'Here we go again. Beat up on Spike.'

"And that's kind of happening for Mike. He's having to undergo getting topped. Not because of acting, just because of what the words are. The script is designed for my character to top him. I've done two scenes with him, and he's kind of getting irritated (laughs).

Here's Lex getting "topped" in "Thirst":


The dialogue to go with this scene?

Lex: "I'm sure you didn't waltz in here thinking I'd just roll over."

Fine: "No, not you. Not without a bone."

James: "My favorite scene to film in Smallville? The love scene between me and Clark, in the moonlight, when I told him all about life."

This calls for some straddling in the hay-loft!

Wait, you're not Lex! Get off!

The arrival of Fine caused some drama between Clark and Lex! Smallville's first boy-boy-boy triangle!


Moody profile! Look at those lush lips....

James appreciated Tom's acting: I was watching that scene where he had Lana up against the wall and he was choking her out and I just thought that that was such good acting, man, so specific moment to moment and just letting you in on what his problem, his brain process, is and how the paranoid brain process was working and it was so clear. Tom's GOOD!

Yay!! This calls for....more straddling!

And a pink-crystal-dildo-disco scene!

James also appreciated Tom's....matchmaking? (Didn't see that one coming! Tom the Yenta!)
James: Ok, this is my story, this is the scene where Wally the soundman tells my girlfriend that I’m scoping chicks, cos we’re wired, Tom and I are wired on this scene, and Tom is doing this favor for this, I think this was what was going on, I think he was doing a favor for a back-up actress who wanted to meet me right, cos he was all "hey, isn’t she cute? Isn’t she cute?" But it was always steered back to this one girl and do I want to meet her? And I thought, I didn’t say "Hey man, I’m seeing, I’ve got a girlfriend and I’m not going to be scoping” I was just trying to fit in, I was like "yeah she’s cute, like yeah, right on, she’s cute”. And then the soundman goes to my girlfriend who’s on set and like twice he goes "he’s scoping out other chicks, he’s got a wandering eye, you’d better watch out” (laughter) Never trust a sound man...

James explains that he understands the perils of being as hot as Tom::
"See the other thing I thought was like maybe Tom was just trying to see if I was gay! Well, because I was thinking, I’ve been through this too, cos when you’re well known and you’re really good looking and of course Tom is just tall dark and handsome, so you get to the point where you wanna hang out with straight guys or lesbians, because those two groups will not have an interest in you and you can kind of relax.. so I kind of thought “maybe he’s just seeing if I’m, you know, if I’m into girls, trying to see if he can relax, man. So I was like going, I don’t know....." (With all respect to James' entertaining theory, this really doesn't sound like Tom's inner monologue at all! James' inner monologue, perhaps...But never mind: here's some man-touching!)

Back to Rosenbaum! What kind of "ride" is he, James?

James: Working with Michael Rosenbaum is like going to Space Mountain in Disneyland. If you are willing to go along with the ride it will be the funnest thing in the world. He kept me off balance which I think is a very good thing.

Now compare him to.....a force of nature!

James: Michael is a little hurricane of a man. When he is on set, it is the Rosenbaum Power Hour. If you're smart enough to let that happen, you'll have a great day. He just has talent coming out of his pores. God help you if you don't engage, because he'll start cracking jokes. I loved working with him.

I'm out of space - but James has much more to say about Tom & Michael...more to come tomorrow!
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